Professional Connections

As Chartered Financial Planners, we at Lumley Baxter work closely with other professional service providers, including accountants and solicitors. This allows us to provide our mutual clients with the best financial outcomes for their needs. Our work with these other professional service providers ensures that you receive specialist support from the right people, at the right time.

When might we have to work with other service providers on your behalf?

Pensions scheme analysis and retirement planning

This is a key consideration for many individuals. Working with your accountant and solicitor, we help to ensure your finances are in order by the time you retire.

Investment and portfolio management

High net worth clients often require a sophisticated portfolio and frequent reviews to take full advantage of their assets. This may require expertise in accountancy and law, as well as financial planning. In line with the Trustee Act 2000, investment reviews are now an important consideration for trustees.

Tax planning

We work closely with local business owners to help ensure continuity initiatives are in place and that succession planning is tax efficient. This may also require working in conjunction with solicitors and accountants.

Chartered status – what it means for you 

We are a Chartered firm of financial planners. This means we have satisfied rigorous criteria relating to professional qualifications and ethical good practice. It means you can be confident that you are dealing with one of the UK’s leading firms that is wholly committed to providing you with the best possible advice, service and support.

What do you look for in your firm of financial advisers? That it is ethical and puts your interests first? That its people are competent, knowledgeable and committed to maintaining their professional capability?

Those are precisely the qualities embodied by Chartered status – the reason we are proud to have achieved the title Chartered Financial Planners.

Chartered status is an objective mark of professional standing among all professions. It is awarded to firms who can demonstrate commitment to developing knowledge, enhancing capability and maintaining ethical standards.

The title Chartered Financial Planners is granted by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), the professional body for insurance and financial services.

Chartered firms must meet serious obligations

To retain our title we must ensure the advice, service and ongoing support we provide to you are of the highest quality.

Our advice must be based solely on your researched needs and provided by someone competent to discuss products and services available.


  • We ensure our technical and professional knowledge and competence through professional qualifications.
  • We keep our knowledge and skills up-to-date through continued professional development.
  • Our staff must be members of the Personal Finance Society (a professional elite and the financial planning arm of the CII Group) and comply with its Code of Ethics, which is enforced through disciplinary sanctions.

Our Chartered title means a lot to us. It was not easily achieved and it takes continuous investment in customer service and commitment to professionalism.

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